Main disconnect? Bonded?

I’m having trouble making sense of the panel wiring of this house.
The main panel in the garage does not seem to have any main disconnect. I think the main disconnect is in this box outside. I also am not sure if it is bonded. I see an empty spot in the main panel that should have a bonding screw but it does not. If the main disconnect is in the outside box is that where it should be bonded? In my area I usually only see one panel in the garage with a clear main disconnect and an easy to spot green bonding screw.
First picture main panel in garage
Second picture panel outside, right next to the service entry.

What makes you think that the panel in the garage is the service equipment vs the one next to the meter? Bonding between grounded conductors and equipment ground only occurs at the service equipment. Odds are the panel at the exterior is the service equipment and the one in the garage is a distribution panel.

I don’t see the main disconnect. Does the meter enclosure have a disconnect next to it?

No it did not.

I am also having trouble finding out the amps. I think 150 because the two breakers on the top left are 125 and the size of the service entry cables. The panels had no stickers or labels to refer to. I’m not even sure the brand of the inside panel. The outside panel had GE printed in it. The inside panel had a loud buzz. I’m going to recommend an electrician but want to know all the reasons I’m recommending one.
I have no visible bonding, buzzing breaker, no main disconnect.

Looks like the 2nd picture is the service and falls under the 6 throws or less. A main may not be needed.

The picture is too close to see if the bond is installed.

Here is the bottom of that outside box. So the bond would be in the service panel which is outside and the bigger panel inside is the main panel? Is the grey wire on the left the bond? I feel bad I can’t figure this out. I took the classes and passed the state exam with no problem. I promise I did.

The bonding strap is on the lower right. The outside panel is the service equipment or service panel. The inside panel will be the distribution panel. It’e probably being fed by the 125 amp breaker in the service panel.

The service panel has no main breaker but does not require more than six throws to turn all breakers off (not a defect). The feeders are copper. Scale is difficult to judge, but they look like 2/0 to me. 2/0 copper feeders would put it at 200Amps, provided the panel is rated for that much.

One thing to help, the service panel should be immediately after the meter or at the meter if a meter main panel is used.

Thank you Chuck. I have no information on the panel they had no stickers or rating in them at all.