Main Fuse

in my main service panel, i have two 100 amp fuses. dose this make it a 100 amp service or a 200 amp service?

100 amp. You don’t add the two together. Although, see if you can read what gauge the main service wires connecting to the main disconnect are. You can have 100 amp fuses but depending on what size service wire, you may have less or the capability of more.

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watch the service sizing video here -

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So how do we evaluate an underground service with respect to conductor size?

Not my job I do an visual inspection. Follow the SOP.
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So you would say, “based on a visual inspection of service entrance components, the service size appears to be XXX amps?”

No I read the Panel and the main breaker amps and that is what I post unless I can see the size of the wires I do not say the size.
Remember I am in Canada and some rules are different .
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Underground service laterals usually belong to the customer so they must follow the NEC. Look at the 310.15(B)(6) table

Perhaps in Florida, but in here (GA) the service between the power company transformer and the meter base is selected, installed and maintained by them. The customer is responsible from the meter base forward to the service panel, so that should be in accordance with NEC. Interesting how things can be so different from place to place.

They should still be using 310.15(B)(6) since you don’t get a break from conductors in free air.

I agree that is what should be, but given that a HI cannot see it there is no way to know if that part of the service is the limiting element. Just have to assume it is correct and that the interior service wiring has not been upgraded at some point.