Do I have a 60 AMP service ?

So much power in main panel box (basement) but coming into the house I think I have only 60 AMP service (garage)? I think I missed something.

Please help!!!

Not enough information to make a determination.

I think this home inspector missed his electrical class | More schooling required NOW

What the hell did the fuses say on them (out of photo), or the actual size of the SE conductors?

Sorry I should explained myself better.

  1. Two wires coming in from the street -110/120 service
  2. Meter is 200 CL, 240 V, 3 wire
  3. Meter box looks like 100 amp meter box (not 200 amp)
  4. Main shut off box right behind the meter box in the garage was fuses (two 60 amp).

This part I don’t understand, but maybe with someone experience might help me. Then the main wire goes under the garage and breezeway slab and into the basement. The main panel box has a number of problems. However the main wires going in are 100/120 and 220/240. In other words 3 wires, two 100/120 and a neutral. 220/240 circuit are in use (stove, etc.).

Is this possible.

Yes Mr. Cooke, I did take the standard electrical course and passed. I joined in March 2018 to get up to speed with the rapid changes in this field and to get experience from fellow inspectors such as yourself. Thanks for your input.

Yep and you still did not tell us the fuse size .

Correct 60 amp fuses it is a 60 amp service .

Based on your second post you have a 60 Amp service.
The wire gage of the wires and conduit that connect to the overhead wires determine whether you can upgrade to 100 Amp within code. If the conduit to and from the meter box is one inch and wires are #6 you are stuck with it being a 60 Amp service.
And it does like that is the case.

A few observations:

  1. Service is 120/240 volts, forget 110-220 or anything else, the current NEC terminology for this service is for the nominal voltage of 120/240 volts.
  2. Meter type and size is generally irrelevant since it’s owned by the utility company.
  3. The Meter enclosure is required to be sized at a minimum of the service size which is this case is 60 amps so 100 amps it OK.
  4. The 2-60 amps fuses in the pull-out style fuse holder are the service disconnect and are properly sized if the service entrance conductors are sized for 60 amps. Also the GEC should terminate in this enclosure.