Main line-front of residence wth meter

What is the usual size and material of the main line pipe
that brings the water from the street to the house.

My inspection form calls for those specs.
Im in Southern Calif.

aprx 25 yr old residence

New Home inspector

New construction is typically 3/4". Old services can be as small as 1/2". The biggest that I have ever heard of is 2"

What is the typical material ?

What did it look like???

Nowadays, copper. Plastic if it is a private well. Older houses, lead, glavanized, or maybe even brass.

Hope this helps

In my area the typical material is Copper. I do find Lead at times and also CVPC. 90% of the time I’ll find Copper.

The typical size is 3/4". I do find 1/2" at times but it’s noted in my report as…

*1/2” piping exists at main supply. Today’s standards require 3/4”, improving water flow.

Here a 25 year old house would have a 3/4" service, today new construction requires a 1"