Is this Lead Piping

Home Built 1954 Is this lead piping

Where’s the lead Gary?

I think I see galvanized like this one I did last week. Along with the CPVC and copper. 1943 house.



The angle stop looks like the sweat kind, so I doubt if it is lead pipe. Copper was widely used as the standard in '54 (you could still afford it and the thieves were not pulling it out almost before you could put it in).

When in doubt use a Magnet

Or scratch it- lead is soft and the scratch will be shiny

Can’t tell from the picture. Try scraching it lead is soft. It almost looks like oxidized copper. I don’t see any threads that galv. would have.
LICK IT!!:smiley:

You hit the trifecta!:mrgreen:

I still think it’s 3/8" galvanized. Hard to tell in the pic.

Around here it is mainly seen on the main supply side coming in to the meter and often has a slight curve to it, as it comes out of the ground.

Can’t really tell from picture, but I doubt it. Although I do still see lead drains from time to time. Large bulges at joints instead of fittings. My understanding has been that if the joints are threaded, it’s not lead piping. (Never heard if any of the original galvanized piping had any lead content.) Scratch test as mentioned is still good field test. :slight_smile:

Looks like a sweat on valve, don’t see a compression nut, So it can’t be lead.

What Russ said is more than likely because it is such a soft metal