Main panel feeding another dwelling

Here are some photos of a panel that feeds another dwelling on the property.
The service drop ground conductor is an aluminum wire that has been upbraided and stuck into the neutral bond terminals. I’m guessing they needed the feed side for the house in the rear. The photos show the two service drops. One is the feed out of this panel. Any thoughts as to what you are seeing here is appreciated.

Many faults in system recommend Immediate Upgrade by an electrician .

Roy how do you feel about the stranded ground having been unraveled… That took some creativity. Nice!

That and rustry screws double tap neutrals .
I would not get into explanation with the client or it will never end .
Hazard needs immediate upgrade .

The stranded conductor must terminate at the same lug/screw.

May have been just a way to get it to fit in the holes. Or it could have been from an SE cable.

Regardless still not allowed

I was only commenting on a possible reason, not whether it was valid.