Main Panel location

The main was installed in a closet. I had my client try to reach the main breaker.

As you can see that the panel is installed to high.

The panel is a recent install. The home is a slab.

What is the height requirment and panel are not allowed in closets correct?

86806 Solon 033 (Small).jpg

86806 Solon 034 (Small).jpg

Max height of breakers: 6’ 7"
Provide working space: 30" min side to side - 36" min in front

The 30" is not side to side, but overall (the dimension does not have to be centered on the panel).

. . .and can’t be located in a clothes closet.

How about this one?:smiley:



I see those occasionally. I just can’t understand what the were thinking (or if they were thinking at all).

Oops…thats what I should have said!