Can someone direct me to the location in the IRC book, where it talks about panel locations. And is there an outlet minimum height requirement, family,bedrooms,etc?

The panel I saw today was in a closet?


Was it a clothes closet, or a closet that contained things that would catch on fire easily? How close was it to the clothes? You can have a panel in a closet, as long as that closet doesn’t have things that you can burn easily or if the panel is sufficiently far from the clothes (like in a walk-in closet).

If you want an IRC reference, it would be E3605.7

There is no minimum height requirement, unless this was a mobile home. Mobile homes have a 24" min height. Speaking of mobile homes, panels were popularly featured in the master bedroom closet of mobile homes. They work off a different song sheet.

Marc, where is that 24" code for “mobiles” located?

Near the end. :slight_smile:

Hang on… let me check.

EDIT… 550.11(A) and 550.32(F) are a couple of them I found right off. There might be more.

Marc, I know the IAEI guys here say if there are clothes in a closet you can’t have a panel in it … no matter how big it is. Perhaps a harsh intrepretation of 240.24(D) but that is the prevailing opinion.

I know, I am aware of that interpretation too. “in the vicinity of” doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be in another room entirely. I’ve wired homes with walk-in closets bigger than my master bedroom. Heck, it’s normal to put panels in the attached garage or basement, and they get easily ignitable material stacked all over near them. Whatever. Jumping through hoops.

If the house is that big they sghould be able to find a better place for the panel. I live in a very modest home but I found room for a dedicated “electrical” closet to hide all that stuff (video, phone, data and power)

Huh. I learned something today already.
I can honestly say I’ve never “wired” a trailer before, but I have added a few receptacles here and there.
I always match the existing anyway.

I’m not too proud to tell you that I’ve rewired a grand total of two mobile homes. What a supreme waste of money, but I’ll gladly take it. :mrgreen:

I allready did 3 of them full rewired with mobile home and they are not really " fun " task with it due so many have floating boxes in there and one actally have all alum. wires in there :ack: some were pretty well burnt in few spots.

Merci, Marc

This house is 35 yrs. old and the panel is in a closet with cloths. Should the panel be moved for safety concerns? This inspection was for a couple who are retiring soon and they wanted a maintenance inspection.

Current standards do not allow electric panels in closets because of the POTENTIAL for flamables to catch fire, etc.

Then, let them decide if they want to move it. IMO