Main service disconnect before the meter

Hey guys,

I’ve got an inspection lined up for tomorrow and was looking at the pictures to get a feel for the property and noticed something odd.

It looks like the overhead electrical cables enter into the detached garage through the drip loop. In the next picture, it goes straight to an electrical panel. Then, on the house, you can see the meter.

I’m under the impression that the overhead should run through a meter first and then to the main panel. Maybe there is another meter on the left side of the garage that I can’t see in the picture?

Yes, I know the panel in the garage doesn’t even have a cover on it, and the generator sitting there is illegally hooked up. Should be a fun one. Its out in the boonies, where people take some interesting liberties on their properties.

Has anyone seen this?

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From Oklahoma, I see an underground service to the house and overhead to the garage. My guess from what I can see is there is a meter on the side of the garage or utility pole with a meter on it for the garage service.

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Thanks for the insight David. I’ll check the pole for a meter. I couldn’t see anything in the pictures to indicate there being a separate line for the house. So for now I’m assuming that the main goes into the garage and then underground for service to the house.

What David said.^^^^

You won’t know for sure until you get there and can see all angles and exactly how everything is installed.

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^^^^^I agree with David except from Michigan. ^^^^^. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Let us know what you find, Bill

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Much more likely the house feeds the garage via the overhead cable.

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Will do. Thanks for the support guys.

One of my properties, that I had, serviced the barn and then the house underground.

But it was not a common thing around here.