No main disconnect on todays inspection

Hello, I was inspecting a home today and on the electrical panel I did not see a MAIN disconnect. I need to know if I am missing something here and would it require me to refer this to an electrician? I also have some plugs that are not showing a ground. any an all help would be greatly appreciated.

The box on top is the breaker box in the home. thanks for your help.

Where was the location of the meter?

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on the side of the house. here is another pic.

Also have this.

The cabinet below the meter is probably the service disconnect, Stacey.

Did you open it?


yes it is the bottom picture of the first set of pictures I started with. just has 20 and 30 amp breakers.

I think that the conduit from the meter is feeding the one in the house. your thoughts?

What the frock is that??? :flushed:


Handy mans best. heck you would think you at least put it into the wall to hide it.

To much going on. Refer it on in simple terms.

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Ya, what is that simple term!!!

to quote the tenant this place ________

You have a mess that’s for sure. One panel’s wired like a main, and one is wired like a sub. But it looks like the wrong one is wired like a sub.
And of course as you’ve already noted no disconnect, at least not in those photos.

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So the way I see it refer it to an electrician. if we are suppose to turn electricity off in 6 steps, they have to do the inside and then go outside to complete. Am I wrong?

They are probably using the 6 throw rule for the service disconnect but that system has some problems e.g. ungrounded wire on neutral/ground buss, neutral wire un marked on breaker, upside down breakers (on when in down position, double lugged wires on termination for 1 wire, etc., etc.

I would refer it out to a qualified electrician to make corrections, as needed, for a safe usable system.


This should be referred to an licensed electrician? not a electrical contractor. please help.

Thank you all for your help. I do APPRECIATE IT.

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This is how I used to refer them out. If he screwed the pooch, he was not qualified.


Holy fire risk batman LOL