Main service panel acting as a service disconnect

Had a recent inspection in which I called out a missing service disconnect at the A/C condenser. After a very tense phone message from the home owner it was pointed out the main service panel was within 15 feet of the A/C condenser and it was not required. Since it was a new install and had just been inspected by local inspector and approved I changed my opinion and didn’t include it as a write up. My question is it always required or does the service panel meet the requirement of the disconnect with the breaker?

Can you see the panel from the AC Unit If not I think your call was correct.

Yep, you could see the service panel. Just have never seen this particular situation.
Makes sense it would function but wasn’t sure if the service disconnect rule was an absolute.

A disconnect is required. That is not to say a separate disconnect is required.

If the disconnect is located in the electrical panel (service or sub), it simply needs to be within site of the appliance. If the panel is not within site of the appliance, a separate disconnect is required.

In other words, a breaker in the panel IS a disconnect.

Cataracts not withstanding…:slight_smile: