Question regarding A/C Disconnect

I am completing a mock inspection of a home. The exterior A/C unit is wired directly to the main, exterior service panel, within approx 20’ of the unit. Is there a requirement for a disconnect other than the breaker within the panel?

Can you see the panel from the A/C?

The disconnect needs to be within sight. I believe there is also a 50’ limit to “within sight”


Thanks for the confirmation.

Cliff where are you located?

Did you learn this in just one year prolly took Curley 10 years to learn it:p:D


Lucky me learned this and much more when I mentored with other inspectors.

Also this is just some of the information I passed on to those we mentored .

Mentoring works great .

A lot of the stuff I learned has been on these boards. Every time something comes up on the board that I don’t know, I look it up. I’ll spend hours researching topics sometimes. I also have some"mentors" that I can lean on when I need some help. Charley is one of them.

Here’s some relevant info from Mike Holt and a good article too:

Registered Robert! Thanks.

Thanks for the info. I am in the Denver, CO area. The disconnect is not obvious. It is inside the main service panel which is within approx 20’ of the AC unit

IMO that is pretty obvious. If I was inspecting the unit, I would look for the disconnect. I would then look over to service panel, and think to myself, oh it is in there. It does not get much more obvious than that…in my opinion.

Would this be considered a proper disconnect for an AC?

Doesn’t look right!

This AC disconnect is within sight, but is it proper?

Looks like it lacks appropriate clearance.

Personally I would recommend replacement as I can visualize a small child with his hand on that switch and it goes up and down about 10 times and trips the Compressor on internal overload;-) What was your recommendation:p