Maintaining a vendor list

I am new at home inspection so am looking for others thoughts on keeping a vendor list to give out to clients for repairs that they might need done such as electricians, plumbers, etc. Since I have not personally used a contractor, I would hesitate to put them on a list, yet I want to be helpful to my clients.

  1. What is your plan to mitigate client complaints when one of those vendors ‘screws over’ your client, when you are the one that recommended them??

  2. How do you feel about realtors that recommend home inspectors from their short list, and you are not on it??


if anything goes wrong, realtors and clients will blame you, unless you are extremely confident with who you will recommend, you shouldn’t

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I agree with Jean Paul…if you don’t personally absolutely KNOW their quality, don’t do it.

I learned early, in my career, not to refer vendors just to be clear of the transaction.

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you can just refer them to home advisor… :grinning:

I stay out of the referral business.

I tell my client this:
“I do not maintain a vendor list because I want to ensure I am wholly separated from the transaction and it is clear to all parties I have no vested interest in the outcome of the inspection.”


I add a list of service providers to every report. I add this note at the top:

COMMENT: Below are contractors and services RLM & Associates, LLC is providing as a resource to aid you in narrowing your search when looking for trades, and not as a warranted referral service. Always do your own research and ask for references before you hire a contractor, even if they are found here.

If I hear back from a client they failed to show up, don’t answer their phone, etc. I take them off my list. If I come across a new vender or contractor with a specialty my clients may need I will add them.

A few years ago, while doing an inspection, I was telling the buyer to build up the grade around the home. He mentioned that he owns a small excavating business and he had access to as much black dirt as a guy could need.

At the end of the inspection, I told him that I was interested in having him bring a load of dirt to my house, so I could build up the grade around mine. A week later he was headed over with 7 yards of dirt and called to say that he had his skid loader in town. He offered to spread and grade the dirt for an extra $100.00. It was a no brainer as the total was less than $300.00.

The job he did was fantastic and I started recommending him to people. A few months go by and I happened to look at the county jail inmate list. He was in jail for child molestation. Other than my radon testing sub, I have never recommended anyone else again.