Compiling a tradesmen referral list for the Austin area. Tips, recommendations?


I’ve been meaning to compile a list of preferred tradesmen/vendors to recommend to my clients in the greater Austin area, in case the need arises.

  1. Here’s my list so far of trades sometimes needed by clients. Am I forgetting anything?
    Plumber,Electrician,Structural Engineer,Foundation,Drywall,HVAC,Pool,Septic,Water Well,Pest,Mold,Framer,Roofer,Landscape/Sprinkler,Flooring,Painter,Junk Removal,Mason,Tile,Demo, Fireplace Tech, Windows

  2. Does anyone have tips on how to go about finding reputable contractors?

  3. Does anyone have any reputable contractor referrals they could share with me in ATX?

Or you could choose not to refer anyone. There is something to be said for ensuring there is no possible way you could benefit from the results of the inspection in anyway.

Then, there is the whole “the guy you referred is a piece of crap” phone call.

Instead, I try to give my clients information on how to qualify a contractor. Just my 2 cents.


I’ve had a few of those over the years. When clients ask me for a referral, I just tell them how to find a reputable company and leave it at that. NO referrals from this guy… for anything… period.


Yea, that’s a fair point. I suppose saying “try google” is just as good as any referral that I could give without having personal experience with the company…

Not exactly. But, you stated you did not know how to find reputable contractors…therefore, you might work a bit on how you answer their questions.

I simply say, “I do not maintain a list of vendors because it is in your best interest for me to be completely removed from this transaction outside of today’s home inspection.”


Yea, I’m being facetious. I’d also recommend talking to their realtor about it, but first and foremost remove myself from it. That makes sense and it’s also easier for me. :grin:

Sure, you can point them to their realtor. Funny thing, people assume we know everyone in the construction business. And, you can let them continue to think that.

So the way I keep them from thinking either 1. I don’t know anyone. 2. I just don’t want to be helpful.

I don’t have a list because it is in their best interest as part of my code of ethics.


Its never good to refer anyone to anyone, If that contractor does a bad job they may come back to you, wondering why you referred such a bad company or contractor.
There are hundreds of good and thousands of bad contractors out there.
If you feel confident in the contractor( you personally know their work) then refer away.
But sense you are asking, I’m guessing you don’t know anyone’s work.
Keep your inspection separate and professional.
If they ask you, just refer them to HOME ADVISOR… :grinning:

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