Maintenance tips for homeowners?

I have 2 resons for this post.

  1. I am curious what maintenance tips other inspectors include in their reports.
  2. I am hopefully closing on a house this week, and selfishly want to pick your brains! :bowing_man::blush:

I know I should change out filters, and have clean outs cleared. Any useful tips you can think of?

Susan Ray

I give all clients the NACHI " Now that you have had a home inspection " book.
It gives them all the info they need.


I have yet to get my hands on one, it is on my list!

These books are good for your reasons and to hand out to your clients as an inexpensive, useful gift. I used Avery label printed with my logo, website and contact info and stuck it to the front of the book.

You can win a case of these if you are the winner of The Questions of the Week that we, as the Awards Committee do each week. or buy them: Now That You've Had a Home Inspection Book – Inspector Outlet

Hope this helps. :smile:

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Sue, as Larry and Roy said, get the Nachi books. They are worth the small investment. I put stick-on labels on the book that look just like my business cards. I also include a couple of pens, tape measure, flashlight and brochures. Great advertisement and the customers appreciate it.

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