Major Organizational Announcement at NACHI

I am pleased to formally announce a major organzational change at NACHI. This announcement comes on the heels of lengthy discussions which have been ongoing over the past 2 weeks. Increasing responsibilities and workloads on NACHI staffers, which include day to day operations, new and existing projects, membership, marketing, and general insanity for the World’s largest and best HI org, bar none.

So, with great fanfare, I welcome Deanna Willis as NACHI’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Throughout the past year or so, Deanna has assumed all day-to-day responsibility for the operation of the org, and has done an outstanding job of it. As such this natural, and formal progression, of title and overall responsibility is much deserved.

It will also give Nick the opportunity and ability to focus more attention on the expansion and continued development of NACHI-TV.

Deanna will be taking some NACHI staff to NACHI’s new Washington DC- area offices.

Much success to Deanna in her “new” role, which she has performed suberbly in, for the past year.

Way to go, Deanna!!!

  • Joe Farsetta
    Director of Professional Development, NACHI

A position well deserved.
Deanna seems to work 24/7 to help NACHI I hope this means a raise!!!