Major problem at my inspection

So I went to inspect this $750,000 2 story home. When the realtor opened the front door she yelled, turned around and started running???
The lower level was completely flooded with over 2 inches of water.
The sink located in the middle island was shooting water from underneath.
So I ran in and turned of the shut off valve.
Here is the strange part, the supply line was that reinforced nylon tubing(should have been the metal braded line) was not damaged. It was simply loose were it connects to the faucet.
So my question is how did that get loose by itself or did someone assist it???
here is the group of pictures from the inspection

the crazy thing is that the buyer is still interested, wow.

Did you see the Tidy Bowl guy in his little boat?

nope, but i will try to check it out. :slight_smile:

Send some more buyers to Okla they can buy that home here for $200,000:p

It should take a while for one fixture to flood an entire basement to a depth of 2 inches. Was the realtor in the house the whole time and didn’t see the basement filling up or hear the water running until you knocked at the door? She was sleeping on the couch?

What were the circumstances? Home occupied?

Kenton no basement my guess

its a 2 story home , vacant with staged furniture and she arrived shortly after me to let me in.
Thats when she found the lower level 2inches deep.
crazy stuff.

My thoughts is that it was put on originally cross threaded and in time with the water pressure it had slowly expanded and settled it self into the proper threads and of course this would show it as being loose .

Roy Cooke

I bet the water was off and she turned it on, thats when the $hit hit the fan!


The real question is did someone replace the faucet or dishwasher since someone last showed the house? If so, they did a sloppy install job.

This house is probably about built in the last 5 to 10 years and is in one of the better up and coming communities in California Central Valley area. I would consider it almost impossible for a water line to work itself loose after that much time.

Too bad, will need new carpeting, baseboards, etc. before anyone should buy this place.

The next time, you see something like this, I’d recommend that you check the water for electricity in it. You don’t want to be walking thru a house where there is even a remote possibility of getting juiced.

Thanks for the suggestions, I was at a loss when the builder called me to check out what had happened.

No changes have been made to the faucet or plumbing there for some time. So really strange.

Also suprisingly enough the outlet mounted to the bottom of the cabinet was in 1/2 inch deep water and no shorts or anything.
Totally weird situation, but then again we are talking about plumbing .