Makeup air from attic

I was going to write up lack of fresh air supply to furnace and also write up air vent in attached garage to attic till I took a closer look and saw down to the laundry utility room on other side of the garage holding the furnace .
Any opinion Good/or bad ?

OK to take make-up air from an attic but this implementation is not proper nor is it OK to have an opening from the garage into the attic if the ceiling is providing fire separation.

Thanks,I just never saw it done this way.

Here’s what it looks like when done properly, but still can’t be done through garage ceiling.

Thanks,however I mentioned in the first post that it goes into the utility room and not the garage.
Just fooled me at first as utility room is in wall behind the garage and not part of it.
They had the secondary vent at the floor into the crawlspace which of course fooled me on first glance as being a return.:slight_smile:

OK. I misunderstood the garage comment. Sounds like they were taking the low vent from the crawl and the higher vent to the attic. As long as they are adequately sized, and the crawl and attic are vented this arrangement should be good.

Pull Down Stairs have Sheetrock Screws :lol: and Non-Flammable Face—:twisted:

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I noticed that too Linas…only thing I could think of was the Wizard of Oz–:stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t take and depend on combustion air from attic in this way.

In high winds, the attic may go under a negative pressure sucking air (and heat and moisture) out of the furnace room- the opposite of what the vent was intended for.

Also, in the cooler seasons, warm air rises so this will actually be a heat loss from the home as well as possibly introducing moisture from the laundry/utility room to the attic where you don’t want it.

Good point but the pressure comment I am not so sure about since it has a makeup air supply from the crawl also.
That would keep it balanced from my perspective ,unless you have more on that.

*4 year old lady buying and will learn to live with everything but the stupid green brillo pad filters stuck in the duct above the exchanger .
You actually need to stick your arm inside after removing the front panel.(so stupid a design).
Will put pic in a bit as I am trying to wrap up the reports and get out of Dodge in the morning.:slight_smile:

Thanks Dale.

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This was in your Linus land of Orland Park by the way and I left my Infra Red Thermometer there.
49 miles away darn it.

I just completed a mold remediation job. I actually worked 32 hours on this one!! Pays a lot more than inspecting!! I bid it, remediated it and billed it.


I think I can only remember one set of Pull Down Stairs in a garage installed correctly, you guys probably have the same do-it-yourself-ers there I’d bet—:lol:

Draws ,Preservation,IR,Mold,etc.
Sure you are still a Home Inspector?
No wonder I am working south.:slight_smile:

You came all the way down here for a $150 home inspection??

OK still on Interior.
Back to the report ,but here is a shot of one of the double filters in the duct above the furnace.(dumb,dumb,location)

Return is top and supply vents from crawl ,if that helps.
I recommend sawsall the return and go to single filter so the lady can check it once a month.