Male Plug onto Metal 12-2 bx Wire?

Hello everyone! I am new to this site and I’m enjoying all the information within the forum; though I have a question concerning attaching a male plug onto a metal 12/2 bx wire. Is this permissible? If it isn’t what would be?

What is it powering?

If I understand your question… No. I’m not familiar with the proper connection of BX and a hubbell or similar plug. BX and armored cable have specific connectors to boxes/fixtures etc. SO/SJ cord is typically suited for such. Don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you’re not sure… get some solid installation guidelines or pay a pro…

Just ask any female.

(Had to say it).

The plugs are not listed for use with metal cables. They are for flexible cords.

Jim I tried to find info on this but the only area I find it is in the instruction for use of such a plug. I am thinking from what I hear he wants more protection. With that in mind is there an approved one somewhere on the market?

Not that I am aware of.