Mandatory Missouri Building Codes

In the state of Missouri there are 114 counties and 1 independent city (St. Louis seceded from St Louis County years ago I’m told). We are also told that 3rd class counties do NOT have mandatory Building Codes or Building Code Inspections UNLESS the county elects to do so.

In short in many of the 3rd class counties, you may (or may not) be required to get a BUILDING PERMIT to allow you to erect a HOG SLAUGHTERING Plant or 10 story hi-rise on your 2 acres in Washington County BUT there would be no code enforcement or inspections, etc.

I’m told that Missouri has about 93 of these 3rd class counties. That means that depending on how many 3rd class counties have elected to have mandatory codes AND code inspections that up to 81% of Missouri could be WITHOUT this protection BUT we need MANDATORY licensure of private home inspectors to ensure the publics protection per our Realtors.

As we all know there is NO STATE WIDE licensure of electricians, plumbers, roofers, foundation contractors, HVAC contractors, etc, etc.

So ARE the Missouri REALTORS really trying to protect the home buyers OR simply shifting liability from the Realtors themselves, sellers and UNLICENSED CONTRACTORS and TRADESMEN that do shoddy work, lie or fail to disclose known defects or problems.

Has ANYBODY seen the Realtors trying to introduce licensure for tradesmen OR push for mandatory building codes or code inspections.


Dan Bowers, CMI, ACI, CRI

I live in Kansas. I do home inspections in Missouri. The costs of me getting licenses, education, insurace, and other state wide fees in both states will cause me to raise my home inspection fees. Again, another reason why agents and their cronny associations want licensing, to price us out of business.

It is also frustrating for me personally, the lack of reponses on this message board from Missouri home inspectors. Most responses are from other inspectors in other states. This proves that there are very few home inspectors in Missouri.

The 2,400 home inspector figures in Missouri are simply false, and a blatant lie by these “people” wanting these laws. This is cronny capitolism at it’s finest by the Missouri legislature.

It’s Valentines Day. I feel the love.

Missouri Association of Realtors has proven they do not care about the consumer by their comments about past legislation here in Missouri. About a couple years back they spent big money watering down a law that would require sprinklers in new construction. A few years before that, they squashed a law that would require smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in new construction. Their arguement was always, it puts too much hardship on the builders. Really? How much does smoke and carbon monoxide detectors really cost? When I was a general contractor, I got to buy everything at wholesale.

You don’t have to be a home inspector to oppose the ASHI bills … HB 1291 and SB 651.

Message board chatter gets you nothing. Visit this link and support the consumers who are fighting these bills.

The reason why we chatter is for other Missouri members understand what is going on.

Are you chattering where they will see it? Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…???

I don’t understand why you guy’s aren’t flooding the internet with press releases to the general public. I know Jim uses many sites to do this, for free.

If you want to spread the word, get off this MB, and get on the net.

Heck, write up something decent, post it on your website, post a link here or email me the link, and I will post it on my social networks to help support you.

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