Does Missouri have home inspector laws? Do you have to be certified in missouri and carry E&O ins?

No. Where are you at in MO?

Erik -

No they do not, but the MAR is hoping to get a REALLY good law like the one that Jeff Barnes wrote over in Kansas and what the KAR lobbyist (Luke Bell) has put into play over in Kansas.

Good luck. Don’t see it happening.

There are still a few home inspectors barely holding on to their businesses in Kansas who “didn’t see it” coming. Instead of standing up and fighting against a terrible law, they feared losing their relationships with their realtors who were (at that time) giving them business. Missouri home inspectors will soon be required to take the same position. Will your position be to stand up against outside control over your business and profession…or will your position be to stand…and hold your ankles?

I’ll be right beside you Jim.

On this, I too will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. (Our other differences aside.)

Im in Springfield Missouri. I have heard talk that missouri is going to require E & O insurance. Has anyone else heard this?

Nope. Where did you hear it? And how much did you hear any given inspector will be required to carry. Keep in mind HI bills have failed multiple times in this state. I’ll be suprised if one finally passes.

Don’t count on that Bill… Same thing was being said about gambling several years ago.

I’m not counting on anything however I don’t see many staying around if something like Kansas is put into place. St. Louis is already scarce on home inspectors as it is.

Not scarce enough for my liking…

lol Get that website going on Google they are more scare than you think. Not many show up on Google. You don’t show up at all for St. Louis Home Inspectors or Inspections unless it’s a paid ad unless I’m missing it.

Guys -

I’m sure you must be mistaken. MAR has been having special LEADERSHIP Committee meetings devoted 100% to helping us get licensed and get a good Bill like the KAR and some of the ASHI guys over in Kansas did.

AND they’re doing it for mother, home, apple pie, the children and national security. Because without licensed home inspectors, the whole real estate thing is falling apart and consumers are getting ripped off, right and left.

ALL the realtors are really looking for is to help ensure their clients get a competent, well trained and knowledgeable inspector that takes financial responsibility. They’re not trying to control or hurt us.

I know this for a fact because since 1998 in Kansas and 2002 in Missouri, I’ve gone to legislative hearings and testified to keep us out of licensing AND I’ve heard almost every realtor or realtor lobbyist spew this pablum … So it must be gospel / Right ???

Missouri lawmakers are watching Washington DC, so they can learn how to put licensing laws into play, like the house of reps in DC did last Saturday night with the 2,000 page health care bill. Perhaps we can expect a 800 page home inspection bill to be introduced in Missouri this next session. There can be also one that is about 3,100 pages on new septic regulations in the Lake of the Ozarks. I can see one now that is about 8,000 pages on regulations on usage of the name “Molly”.

So this means we’ll see you in Jeff City this time this year opposing with the rest of us???

We here in Kansas have a lot of expense to perform inspections in Missouri. Living in Kansas, you have to register with the Missouri secretary of state’s office; $155 per year. Since I do not have an address in Missouri, I have to apply for a “registered agent” so the state of Missouri can send correspondence to the “registered agent”, who then opens up my mail, scans it in, and sends the letter to me via e-mail. There is only one registered agent in KCMO; that is an attorney’s office at 107th and Holmes. Their fee for this is $150 per year. Then, I have to have an occupational license in KCMO to do business in their fine city, and pay earnings taxes. Many other cities, I believe at least 50 out of 80 around here, require some sort of licensing or operational permits. Kansas City Kansas is $80 per year. All of these licenses and occupational permits are voluntary; there is no enforcement. But if and agent or client complains, you get stuck with about $7,000 a year for fees, taxes, permits, and license fees, over and above any state home inspection licensing fees, insurance requirements, etc. With the state and federal taxes my accountant makes me pay, this out of pocket expense is about $22,000 per year, or about $110 per inspection. Of course, according to the Missouri secretary of states office, real estate agents, doctors, dentists, lawyers, are all exempt. Guess how and why.

Hey Gary, This is the first I have heard about someone from out of state having to register with the MO secretary of states office. What’s the scoop on that? There are plenty of IL inspectors who just work over this side of the border. I’m pretty sure they haven’t registered.

That’s okay…there are just as many Missouri boys doing inspections in Illinois without licenses.

I don’t even think the Illinois guys care about licensing anymore.

There are pizza and furniture delivery guys working across state lines; painters, landscapers, even KCPL linemen, HVAC, etc. Again, these license requirements are NOT enforced, unless some client or RE agent complains about someone to the secretary of state’s office. Mark, just jump on the Missouri secretary of state web site, and click on business. You can even go to the city of KCMO and read the list of people that have licenses. Almost no inspectors listed; most list themselves as “real estate”. The states are missing out in millions of dollars in lost revenue due to contractors, builders, HVAC, etc. in licensing and occupational permits, but they never enforced it. It is all voluntary. We are “involved” in real estate transactions, but technically, we are not real estate agents, who are exempt. Most of the time these people, like us, do not get caught. Fine line here.