Mannington Floor

Conducted a one-year warranty for a homeowner. The floor is a Mannington laminate.
Damaged areas are not covered. The so-called rep. (denial letter not on any company letterhead) said the homeowner was too big.
I lightly tapped a sample with my screwdriver, and the surface EASILY dented.
Anyone have experience with this manufacturer?


looks like an m.d.f. product covered in shelf paper. also seems to have been left wet for some time. even just an hour will do that. it should have dried and shrunk down a little better than that though. i’d guess it was left wet either for a long time, or quite often.

You’ve got moisture damage there.

Bubbles only develop in laminate flooring when moisture seeps into it.

Is it the entire floor or just this one area?

Hi to all,

I agree with Dave, I bet that was installed direct over a concrete floor with no moisture barrier.