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I have a inspection coming up on mobile home and had my client tell me their agent reminded them about the extra engineering inspection ? Is this cert for the slab ?

The engineering required is for the tie-downs and foundation certifications.

Contact your local Manufactured Housing Dealer and ask them who engineers there tie-downs and use them.
For multiple engineering for tie-downs and foundations, you could contact and join with them or

No it is a HUD permanent foundation certification. These are the HUD requirements for a permanent foundation .

These certifications are performed by Engineers. If you search the BB you will find names of several you can work through to perform these.

As Marcel said
I’ve done work for Harrison Engineering for around 6 years.
They’ve always paid me within 2 weeks for collecting info they need for “foundation certifications”.
Usually “mobile homes” are sold with an FHA loan or I get many for reverse mortgages that also require certs.

They will pay around $110 each plus 58 cents for each mile traveled over 20 miles round trip.
Call them 877-736-7327. They’ll send you a package including training docs with picture examples to get you started.
If you happen to sell them yourself, they pay 40% instead of the 25% if it’s an order thru them.
It takes me around 20 minutes on site & then you submit the info & pics thru their web based system.
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Thanks for some real world info…have had 2 calls in the last 90 or so days, was quasi aware of general route to take if I was interested but have been to busy nailing down other things

I do these for Hayman and like it was stated takes about 20-30 minutes and they pay in 2 weeks. Pay averages $120-150 depending on distance. I always gather the needed information if I’m inspecting a mobile home just in case the need the certification this saves a trip. Ask the agent or homeowner if they need one most of the time they don’t know so I tell them to ask the lender and usually they find out that its required. I average a couple a month