Manufactured Housing Permanent Foundation Inspection

If this type of inspection is requested by a lender, does HUD require a licensed Engineer to complete the report? Does this vary depending on what state the property is in? Thanks…

Yes to the first question and no to the second if it is a HUD backed mortgage. Also check your state HUD office for any specific regional requirements. AHJ’s are allowed to make more stringent requirements to HUD standards but are not allowed to dilute them for any HUD backed mortgage.

Here is a good starting point if you want information on HUD requirements for manufactured housing.

Double check with the lender what they are looking for.
Most lenders here do require an inspection by a lic engineer,
Hud addesses what the requirements/ spec’s are for a perm foundation.

Exactly, I went through that last week when Wells Fargo was calling me up to certify permanent foundations.

If the mortgage is from FHA or the like, a licensed Engineer is required to provide the certification. HUD provides the specifications.

Hope that helps.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I think this is a licensed engineer, that can cover several states for certifying those type foundations…

Steven, this guy only covers seven states, do you know of anyone else that does that for other parts of the Country.
Sounds like a good deal if someone else affixes his stamp on the certification.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Hi Marcel,
Sorry, I don’t know of anyone else doing this type of business.
And my hope was, that he was growing nationwide, and into some other states than just those listed…time will tell.

Thanks to all who responded.