FHA Mobile HOme Inspection

Is there a special license or certification required to do a FHA Mobile HOme inspection?

Are you talking about the foundation inspection or just a regular inspection. In the State of Florida a MH has to be inspected by a State licensed engineer for the foundation, tie-down, skirting area. You can the MH just like any other home but when it comes to this area of the inspection it requires an engineer to sign it off.

Basically, I was asked to do a FHI inspection so the new buyer could get a loan. My report has been approved before in a FHA deal and the current lending institution is OK with it but I have gotten conflicting info from others. The fact that it is a mobile home did not come up until later in the conversation so it seems not be a main issue.
Thanks for any info .

Are you an FHA inspector?

No…HUD/ FHA does not maintain a list of home inspectors for their FHA loans. Any home inspector can provide the report. (I am assuming you are already meeting your states minimum licensing standards as applicable.)

There are some special inspection designations you can get through HUD to inspect for 203K rehab loan programs. I believe the rest of the inspection designations deal with HUD owned property inspections…which have nothing to do with home inspections for buyers.

And I agree as previously stated that a structural engineer will also be needed to inspect the tie downs and support of the mobile home.

Here is the URL for the list of FHA and HUD 203-K inspectors.


Click on the appropriate search for FHA or 203-K and you can drill down via state, city, etc.

Mortgagee letter 88-5 provides that Qualified home inspectors are allowed to do a Home Inspection and reads as follows:

WASHINGTON, D. C. 20410-8000

February 29, 1988
Mortgagee Letter 88-5
SUBJECT: Single Family Development - Certifications of Mechanical
Equipment, Roofing or Structural Components by Qualified
Home Inspectors (Existing Properties)

As a specific condition on Form HUD-92800.5B, for existing
properties, HUD or a Direct Endorsement (DE) Underwriter can require
an inspection and certification of the heating, plumbing, electrical
roofing or structural components of a dwelling by a reputable,
independent licensed contractor or engineer, as set forth in
paragraph 3-32 of HUD Handbook 4150.1.

The purpose of this memorandum is to expand those instructions
to permit qualified home inspectors to perform these inspections.

You are reminded that these inspections and certifications do
not imply any warranty by HUD of the inspections performed and do not
relieve the requirement for an inspection of the other items listed
as specific conditions on Form-92800.5B by a HUD fee appraiser or
inspector (or DE staff appraiser or inspector).

Please ensure that this procedure is used on only existing
properties. Inspections on proposed construction properties must be
accomplished by members of your fee inspector panel.

If you have any questions, please contact the Housing
Development Branch in the local HUD Field Office for your

Do you feel that you could not perform a home inspection on a property being financed by FHA, if you were not on this list?

Maybe things are done differently here, but I have done hundreds of home inspections for FHA buyers, and never was required to be on any list from HUD. Never been asked by a lender or and agent.

Here the appraiser does the compliance report http://www.hudclips.org/sub_nonhud/html/pdfforms/92051.pdf, which BTW is a pathetic excuse for an inspection report. :roll:

In my opinion being called an FHA inspector does nothing to “permit” anyone to provide home inspection reports on an FHA financed property.

It does however allow those who are on the FHA list to use it as a marketing tool to be used on those who don’t know any better. …
or to fill out the HUD 92051 two page compliance report…

The following is a link from FHA’s website on the subject of home inspections.

About FHA Home Inspections
FHA helps individuals and families become homeowners by providing lenders with mortgage insurance for certain loans.
FHA does not guarantee the value or condition of your future home, and FHA does not perform home inspections. If you find problems with your new home after closing, FHA cannot give or lend you money for repairs, nor can it buy the home back from you.
That’s why it is so important for you, the buyer, to get an independent home inspection. Ask a qualified home inspector to thoroughly examine the physical condition of your future home and give you the information you need to make a wise decision.

Finding a Qualified Home Inspector
As the homebuyer, it is your responsibility to carefully select a qualified inspector and pay for the inspection.
The following sources may help you find a qualified home inspector:

  • State regulatory authorities. Some states require licensing of home inspectors.
  • Professional organizations. Professional organizations may require home inspectors to pass tests and meet minimum qualifications before becoming a member.
  • Phone book yellow pages. Look under “Building Inspection Service” or “Home Inspection Service.”
  • The Internet. Search for “Building Inspection Service” or “Home Inspection Service.”
  • Your real estate agent. Most real estate professionals have a list of home inspectors they recommend.
    It seems like if FHA required a specific home inspector for their loans off their list, then they would not list all of the above. They would simply refer the buyer to their list.

Rusty, BTW here is a link to another thread with lots of input about this subject. http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12560


Not at all. I was just providing the URL for information purposes only.

That’s the beauty of these forums is to help provide bits and pieces of information for folks so that we all can learn more.

I hope that my providing such information is not offensive to you. If so, I apologize and I will be sure to minimize any future input on my part.

I sincerely don’t want to offend anyone.

Don’t worry, I am not easily offended:D
… especially on a message board where you can not hear the tone of someones voice.
No apologies needed. Please don’t minimize any input, it is important that we have this place to share information.

I simply wanted to find out if by posting the URL from HUD for inspectors, meant that you believe that the answer to Rusty’s question is Yes, that he must be on their list before he performs any FHA home inspections?

My posts are just support my position, and I concede that just because something works in my State one way, doesn’t mean that it works that way nationally. Even though FHA is a national program. After all we are talking about a government entity that does not always run like a Swiss watch.

In our state appraisers take on the role of filling out the FHA compliance report, …maybe in Texas the HI’s do?

Any way I think it is a good topic of discussion, as I have seen it come up several times.

A special roster designation is required by HUD for 203B, Permanent foundations for mobile homes (some states require an engineer), and HUD multi-family. Any HI can perform a regular inspection, regardless of whether the loan is FHA/VA or not.

I already asked all these questions , put it in the search , same problem few months back.State licensed contractor or engineer for tydowns and skirting. according to hud the buyer can use a HI for a typical home inspection . hud is not interested in anything but the tydown report.