Need help with a date and age on a furnace

The Model is HAS130BD serial number is 03657-JE206 or JEZ06.

I don’t think this is a Lennox… was probably mistakenly written from the AC.

No good picture of the plate on front… although the last word is AIRE…

Appears to be an older unit.

I wish that there was a computer data base that this can be typed in and searched automatically… am I missing something? Is the Preston CD searchable in this capacity.

Thanks for any help in advance. !!!

That equates to a Johnson furnace model from 1977 (they manufactured for many other brands.

And yes Prestons on CD is searchable, thats how I found it :wink:

BTW. It is also only 64.6% efficient.




Thanks for your help on this… goes to the saying… if you want something done right… do it yourself.

Is the latest version of the Preston guide 2005 as I found online? Do you get updates when it comes out?

Thanks again for your help !!!

Although the model might have started being sold in 1977, I think that specific unit is from September 1984.

If this makes a difference… The home was built in 1976-1977 per the county auditor web site.

Not necessarily. They might have put the new 1977 model in originally and then replaced it in September 1984—original unit died, or was a lemon, or was deemed too small because it didn’t get air to that far room, or was damaged, etc.

Hey Rick,

It could be a Luxaire. They are a York brand, according to my notes.

Hi Russel,

as you know I’m not a big fan of Prestons, but they only list that for one model year, it also appears to be consistent with the age of the home.



Yeah, but if it’s a York, a Johnson, a Johnson Air-Ease, or a Luxaire, it’s definitely September 1984.

While you’re hanging around, can you tell me who manufactured model GMP075. Was it ADP?

Looks like a Goodman model, could have been branded as Sears



Goodman, that’s what it was. Thanks.