Manufactured fireplace issues

Today I inspected a sealed, vented manufactured fireplace. The glass was stained badly on the inside. What’s the reason? Is is fixable or does it need to be replaced? (Can the glass be easily removed?)

Also, the interior walls of the metal firebox had lots of corrosion. I’m guessing due to condensation. How unusual is this?

How would you advise?

(Sorry I can’t post a photo…BBS says I’m logged in but when I try to upload a photo, it say’s I’m not. Another issue altogether.)

In most cases the glass can be easily removed and cleaned. Usually, there are clasps on the bottom to release it. The cause of the stained glass is most likely due to the air adjustment not being set properly, so the combustion is not clean, it is sooting . Not uncommon. On some models it is an easy adjusment and the home owner can do it. Other models its not so easy.

The corrosion inside has me a little confused. Do you think that it is actually corrosion? It may just be a residue buildup from the un-clean burn. If it is actually corrosion, the fireplace may be very old and/or it’s been neglected and/or there is a venting issue.

At any rate, my advice would be; “Recommend further evaluation by a qualified/certified fireplace professional and repair/adjust as necessary.”

Thanks for the info. About the corrosion, there is definitely lots of rust on the walls of the firebox. House is 8 years old. I did refer it to a specialist.

Sometimes the link doesn’t work, but it does seem to be working as of 0908 this morning, and there is a good picture in the first post of the thread.

Dale’s post is the eighth one down, but certainly read the whole thread. Very informative.

Thanks Russel. Very helpful.