Fireplace / Direct Vent problem

Came across a direct vent fireplace that obviously isn’t right. Besides that it probably was not installed to manufacturer specs, it appears to be generating a lot of heat and by-product.

Note that the vinyl soffits were changed with aluminum. The aluminum guard at the right was added to protect the screened enclosure. Homeowner says that he added the metal guard prior to final inspection.Could the metal guard (not installed to manufacturer specs) be causing all this mess *(I am recommending additional evaluation).

Can anyone enlighten me as to what they think MAY be happening?

Thanks in advance!



That black mess is caused from being inside an enclosure. There’s no draft in that corner, so the products of combustion (exiting the vent) accumulate in that corner area of this house.

Also, this vent should not be installed within 3 feet of any opening in building, ie…windows, doors, etc. That entry door appears less than 3 feet away.

It’s improperly installed and needs to be re-postioned in another area.

What type of fireplace is that? Gas log, pellot, etc?

the fireplace is a direct vent with gas log.

The window/door is fixed and cannot open.

I 2nd with mister Valley’s comments.

Something was not used in the installation of this appliance… Brains!!:wink:

Who the h@#$ll did that?

Its to prevent ice damming. :wink: I think too that the air fuel ratio is out a whack that is why there is sooting. To close to combustibles.