Manufactured Home Tie-Downs

Does anyone know when this HUD requirement became affective.?

I did find this in the Inachi articles, but does not say anything about when tie-downs became a requirement.

The term “manufactured home” was adopted in 1980 by the the U.S. Congress to describe a type of house that is constructed in a factory to comply with a building code developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In the past, manufactured homes were called “mobile homes,” a term that many people still use. However, “mobile” is no longer an accurate name because fewer than 5% of such homes are ever moved off the owner’s original site.

Inspected one last weekend and just made note that no tie downs had been provided.


In the Foundation Inspector Hand Book it says September of 1996

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It would be more than a “note” in my report, no matter the age of the home. I’d make a very big deal out of it, as it can be a life threatening defect in a high wind storm.

Thanks Brian, I have that hand book too, must have missed it. Thanks
Someone else said the same date on YLH message board.

1973 when I was an assistant production manager at a factory that manufactured mobile homes (now called manufactured homes) the federal government required us to start installing tie down straps on the mobile homes from the factory.

Gary, are you saying that it was a requirement in 73 or just by that particular Manufacturer recommended installation requirement when sold.?
I was never to much involved in trailers in 73 so I can’t remember how they tied them down if at all.


Not the manufacture, the federal government required all mobile home manufacturers to install tie down straps on all homes manufactured at that time. The tie down straps (at that time called hurricane or wind straps) when installed by the manufacturers run up one side following a wall stud over the top, strapped across on a truss, and down the other side on a stud, no nails or screws allowed to penetrate the straps (straps were run under the skin/siding and rolled metal roof). States were given 2-3 years to comply with this new requirement by the federal government that all mobile homes had to be tied down with anchors (some states required older existing homes to be fitted with tie down straps at this time also).

Thanks Gary, My report stated that Engineered tie downs be provided to meet the current standard. :slight_smile:

A lot depends on the State you live and operate in. Manufactured homes are unique in that the governing bodies that determine what is required is not just HUD, but the State Dept of Transportation. If a loan is involved then the FHA, VA and everyone else gets into the picture. Like in the State of FL where we tend to have lots of hurricanes and strong wind storms the State’s tie down requirements are really quite strict, in fact stricter than the those proposed by HUD. As it was explained to me, then HUD simply signs on or agrees with the State on the minimum requirements. You can get all the information you need by contacting one of the local “installers” courses or talk to someone who installs the homes for dealers. They can tell you exactly what is required, types, spacing, devices for stabilization, piers, etc.

Thanks Doug, I am also partered with Harrison Engineering for foundation certs and Hayman Engineering, so have all there requirements for tie downs, but they are all for Hud/Fha and not Florida or hurricane prone areas.
Hell, I don’t know if we ever had winds around here strong enough to overturn a trailer. :wink:

Certifications only requested by banks and this was a private sale and the client did not want a foundation certification or pay for it rather. So just made to comment to have them installed to protect my backside. :slight_smile:

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:mrgreen: Must be a big squirrel. LOL Been there since 1984, and the client did not want to pay for a Foundation Certification that I could give him.

I don’t think he will buy it anyways, hell he has not even picked up his report yet. I emailed him one just in case he needs it for something. :slight_smile:

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