QOD for 1/4/2006 (Manufactured Housing)

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here’s todays question :slight_smile: , a little toughter than yesterdays one (too many got that right :mrgreen: )



pressurewave (Small).jpg

Dang. Lost another loan to Ditech.

That would depend on whether it was an updraft or downdraft… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Raymond Wand
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I guess this wasn’t “challenging” enough for you all, I’ll have to see what I can dream up for tomorrow :wink:



Hey…I spent half an hour trying to vote for tie-downs and skirting! Next time ask which “component”, not “components”! :wink:

Same here, Richard. :smiley:


You can’t have tie downs without steel framing.

Either way if there were no trailer parks would there be tornados?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

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Sorry about that, I saw the typo after I had posted the question, We currently can’t edit questions after they have ben posted, Chris is looking into it for me.




Your use of the plural is correct - If there was only one tie-down, the system would meet only Kansas (wizard of oz ) code.


tie down are optional if you sign up for the “housing relocation program” if you live in “Tornado Ally”

In hurricane alley (Florida) the code requires so many tiedowns that you can not crawl through the crawl space.

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Here is whats happening in Ohio.

We can inspect a new build but we are going to have to get another cert. to inspect manufactured homes. We can not inspect the ‘home’ just the installation of the ‘home’.

· Permits the Commission to certify local departments to accept and approve plans and inspect installations of manufactured housing.

Hi Mike,

it looks like the Ohio regulation is bringing the State in line with all others that seperately regulate the installation of manufactured homes. I would not expect this regulation to affect home inspectors reporting on MH for resale purposes.