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I just retook the manufactured home course, which appears to have been greatly improved from what I remember last time I took it, thanks to who ever did that.

My question is, the course refers to anchoring, and describes how it should be done, but when I inspected a mobile home here, all it seems to have is two loose fitted straps in the middle. So I call the local building inspector, and he tells me that anchoring is not required by the code he works under (City of Edmonton), which is based on Alberta Building Code, which is based on Canadian National Code, which is somewhat similar to (US) National code. I ask him if he was in Edmonton on Black Friday, (July 31 1987) when a tornado ripped through an Edmonton trailer park and killed 12 people. He figures we will never see another tornado like that… we have at least a half a dozen watches or warnings every summer, but I digress.

So my question is, is mobile home anchoring to the ground required everywhere in US or just some places? The course says that all mobile homes are governed by the (US) National standard, but will that trump local standard? It won’t in Canada, unless you are on a reserve or federal property. Just curious.

Your inspector may want to read up lol

Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing


    **E.   Vertical Anchorage (Av).**  The manufactured home must be securely anchored to the foundation.  One critical anchorage requirement is for the structure to resist uplift and overturning from wind activity in the transverse direction.  This is vertical anchorage and it can be achieved at the chassis beams or along longitudinal wall locations, or both locations.  It is given the abbreviation (Av), and the (Av) values are all given in pounds (lbs. per pier or lbs. per foot of foundation wall).  Refer to Appendix D for the derivation of the equations for determination of required vertical anchorage force.

The setup requirements have changed throughout the years (concrete/wood block, concrete piers, metal piers, lock tops, marriage locks, foundation wall, mighty jacks, unitizing, concrete/wood/abs pads and so on). So what this means is a mobile home that was setup 30 years ago was most likely not required to have anchoring/permanent foundation at time of setup. Even with the permanent foundation requirements on new setups, the requirements are changing all the time. I can’t count all the different systems they’ve gone through here in California.

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