Mobile Home Installation

Does a mobile home have to be anchored? I know it does on installation, however I’ve recently sold one that is 14 years old and not anchored. Must it be anchored by Code?

Codes are not retroactive BUT just about every lender is now requiring proper tie-downs as part of their loan process.

Just as Stephen said most lender’s will require proper tie-downs (secure attachment), and some type of perimeter foundation wall. Along with some system or way to prevent lateral movement; and proper/approved load bearing capacity. That’s as long as you want the home to be considered ‘real’ property (not personal property). Typically a foundation certificate is required.

If the person buying it is financing it with a government guaranteed load, an engineer’s certification for the foundation (which includes the anchors) will be required by the title company.

While this has been on the books for many years, only in recent years (with the scrutiny applied to all dotted “i’s” and crossed “t’s” by the government concerning lending institutions) has this been enforced. Many real estate salesmen don’t know about it and many lenders are caught off guard at closing.

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If being sold under a FHA load it will need to surpass most codes. FHA rules ignore codes. They have there own set of standards.