Manufactured Housing Inspection course at Southwestern Illinois College on Nov. 18.

Since NACHI (Nick) is footing the bill for the training, why are NACHI members belonging to one chapter paying a higher price than NACHI members belonging to the Chicago chapter?

this is a new twist and, frankly, it reeks.:roll:


What are talking about? NACHI members pay $25 non members pay $100 for this event.

Where is the inequity here.



Cost: Chicago NACHI Chapter members…25.00 NACHI members..................................... 50.00
Non NACHI Members…$100.00
This was copied and pasted from Nicks Add.

That has nothing what so ever to do with the event on the 18th.



I stand corrected, Gerry. I failed to make the distinction. I thought this ad was strictly for the 11/18 event. I’m sorry.

It is the training session you are conducting in Chicago that reeks, not the one in Southern Illinois. Maybe you can help to convince them to charge one price for all NACHI members.

The event down state is in a lower cost venue and set-up differently.

The Chicago event is financed by the Chicago chapter who put up the cost of the room, reserved and pays for the meals and provides all the support equipment. We also provide the registration and financial accounting for both events. Venues in private establishments and near Chicago are more costly and heavily booked at this time of the year.

We worked to provide this course as a state CE course in time for the Illinois re-licensing date. As an Illinois Charter Chapter we support on going state CE classes and not just NACHI CE courses.

It helps to know the facts to avoid assuming things.

Rod Roeske, Executive secretary NACHI Chicago

Nothing is assumed. All NACHI members should be paying one price. Your head tax on NACHI members who do not belong to your chapter is just plain wrong.


last time I checked every chapter was free to do it’s own thing. I for one see no problem with one rate for those regular members of a chapter, and another rate for those who are not normal chapter members but who wish to avail themselves of educational events such as this, lets no loose site of the fact that out in the real world without NACHI support these events would cost home inspectors $200-300 per day.

Nachi chapter members get a rediculous deal on these events, other NACHI members get a fantastic deal, hell even none members get CE approved training at 50-60% off.



The Southern area of the New Illinois State Chapter of NACHI is holding a class in the Belleville area on Manufactured Housing Inspections.**** We hope to have a good attendance for this class and would like to have 3 or 4 events a year from this point on. Classes in the Southern part of Illinois that offer Illinois CEU’s will help all inspectors in the area. There will also be some events planned that will qualify for NACHI CEU’s only. Please send suggestions if there are particular classes that you would be interested in having in the Southern area. My E-mail address is****

Correction, Jim (I seem to be doing that a lot lately :mrgreen: )

The members paying a slightly higher price ($4.16 ber state approved credit hour, total of $25.00 more) are not a member of a NACHI Chapter. Your statement about one Chapter vs. the Chicago Chapter is not valid.

Jim. You have a Chapter where you are. Don;t you have a lot of NACHI members who rarely (if ever) attend a Chapter meeting or event (paid fully or pattially ny NACHI national) but are always the first ones to want to get in the front of the line when something really valuable and helpful is staged?

Welcome to my world.

I just can’t understand the guys who pay their yearly dues to NACHI and benifit from everything, but never pitch in and pay back. Meanwhile, we have members who attend almost every meeting, man booths, spread around NACHI (not their own companies!) brochures, to Realtor presenations for NACHI (not their own companies), spend 10 to 15 hours a week taking care of the Chapter and its members while still trying to run their own business and who actually take the time to write courses in a form that the state will accept, and others who volunteer their time to proof read, critiique and contribute. These guys are Chapter members! They help others, not just themselves. The others only take, they do not contribute.

The former group, those who give before they take, are NACHI. :shock:

As always,

Hope this helps.