Gerry B. releases another State Approved course: Manufactured Housing Inspection.

Excellent!..carry-on. :wink:


Absolutely great!

A course that is little done, sorely needed and taught by a class act!

It certianly helps to bring quality education, at a low price, to our state. Let’s get all those ‘sleeper’ classes buried once and for all. $195.00 for 6 hrs state CE, when NACHI has done it for less than half that (for non-NACHI members) and less than 1/4 that (for NACHI members).

How many CE hours is it good for?

(But you have to post a more recent picture, guy. :mrgreen: )

Us old Ruggers have to stick together.

let me know dates, times, costs, etc. I, for one, am in!


Please let me know, date, time, and cost also.

I am soooo sorry. I forgot someone.

Russ Myers, the Founder and President Emeritas of the Chicago Chapter is also the Chairman of NACHI’s Education committee and the Illinois State Continuing Education Provider Administrator for NACHI’s state CE provider’s license.

This man is, simply, one class act. He works tirelessly to plow through the state bureauacracy to get these courses approved. That is not any easy task!

I, and the members of our Chapter, are proud to know him and be taught, daily in some cases, by him. He is Illinois’s first (very deservable) Certified Master Inspector.

I, personally, have been repreated blessed by him and (daily) pray that I can carry on his ground breaking work with the Chapter.

Here’s to you, Russ.

The Chicago Chapter’s Chairman of the Education Committee, Mr. Pat Bolliger, will be addressing presentation of this excellent course with Mr. Beaumont, in the very near future.

The Chicago Chapter provides educational courses on a routine basis, for a minimal cost to Chapter members. Usually around $25.00, for a six hour credit course.

Mr. Beaumont is available to present this course to all NACHI Chapters. Suggest making reservations NOW.

Again, Congratulations to Gerry.

Thank You Russ for that information, and for all you do to bring us these great educational opportunities.

How do I go about making my reservation? (I’m still new and haven’t got a clue yet :roll:


Once we have a date and a venue, it will be posted in the Chapter web site (and, most probably on the national web site as well, If I know Nick!).

Our Chapter web site has PayPal ability. First come, first served.

See here:

Or you can always give me or Pat or any Chapter Officer a call.


How many hours for the course?



How far are you willing to travel to put on that seminar?
We’re hunting down the seminars and training for next year for the
Southern Colorado NACHI chapter, and Colorado Springs, Colorado
would certainly welcome you…


I travel the country with my classes, why don’t you call me or email me to discuss my availability and range of classes that I teach, I’d be happy to come to Colorado



Will do, :smiley:

I received the actual license in the mail today:

That makes 18 hours of state approve CE in Illinois, which is also accepted in Wisconsin.

This occurs just as Illinois is about to raise the required state CE level from 12 hours to 18 hours. We have caught up, and (hopefully) will surpass, the standards.

NACHI. A little slow out of the gate, but fast to catch up and exceed!

Kudos to Gerry and Russ Myers.

To put this in perspective for those not in our area. This means that Illinois (and Wisconsin, hopefully Indiana as well) inspectors will be able to fulfill their mandated state CE requirements through NACHI licensed courses for less than 1/4 the cost (and with much more challanging and relevent and uplfting education) than is commonly available from local CE ‘vendors’ and courses offered by the other associations. Not difficult to understand why members of other associations come to these courses as well. They get the same benifits, but at 1/2 the costs.

Simple. Become a member of NACHI and lower your “cost of doing business” and bet better education and save money. A no-brainer, to be sure.

I have heard that a very respected group is ready to come over to NACHI, not only with a whole stable of state approved CE courses, but with a very good pre-licensing curriculum. This would make NACHI the premier pre-licensing and CE education provider in the midwest!

Increasing quality, raising the bar on education and doing so at less cost to the individual inspector.

What a winning stratagy.

But that is just one man’s opinion.

Hi to all,

We are as well about to apply for aproval for a roofing course based on my online module, I am still working on the time on subject study, but I will be surprised if this course would not end up as an 8 hour CE class for Illinois. That should put us nicely ahead of the game for next year and bring a wider range of subjects to our members in future.



Illinois state courses can only be for a maximum of 6 hours.

Maybe a 6 hour course on roofing and another 3 hour course on advanced roofing.

Just a suggestion.