Many thanks to Caoimhin Connell for an excellent presentation on meth inspections.

Hot PIC:

You guys in Colorado have it made. You get to attend all the exciting events.

I’m jealous at times.

Before we became strictly a “virtual” association…Nick used to put these shows on the road for all the chapters. Remember the Bob Brown/Helen Jeffries hands-on trailer, and the seven or eight other seminars? Seems like there was a NACHI seminar being held twice a week in every part of the country.

This would be a popular one, for sure.

Very popular, and it would straighten a lot of folks out regarding the Mold business also.


DONT GO THERE!:mrgreen:

I dig it.

In a virtual world…like the one we live in at NACHI…everyone can be a “specialist” while (as Nick once put it) sitting in our pajamas and watching NACHI Tv…

But in the real world…well, you know.:wink:

Oh believe me Joe, I will not say a thing, you know how I feel about the “One Day Certified Mold Inspectors”

Makes my blood boil----:twisted:

Jim is correct. Seems like there is a NACHI seminar being held twice a week in every part of the country:

And if there isn’t one in your town, remember that every member can form his/her own chapter:

InterNACHI provides more training (video, online, classroom, and chapter meetings) than all other inspection associations and schools combined.

Jim, I don’t think anyone wore pajamas last night. It was not a virtual meeting. We were all actually there. Here… view the PIC for proof:

BTW, Caoimhin is very much in favor of home inspectors offering meth testing.


I don’t see your mug in the picture. Were you in pajamas?

I’m in the blue dress shirt between Caoimhin (in the sport jacket) and Jim Krumm in the red shirt.

Many assume we have a strong chapter because of me, but I can’t take credit. I don’t fund it, set up meetings, or hold office. Jim does it all. We had officer elections on Tuesday and I don’t even vote. It’s a well run chapter. Meets every month. I think the chapter can take credit for them being so successful individually.

Geeze, I skipped right over it with all that gray on the chin.

:D:D:D …on the right of the photo…not the left…

What is that on Nick’s chin?

I’m getting old fast. Meth exposure maybe.