Methlabs and Indoor Moulds

Hello Gents! (and Ladies, of course).

I haven’t been participating much on the chat boards lately, but I want to thank NACHI and NACHI inspectors for inviting me to speak at various engagements over the last several months on the topics of indoor moulds and methlabs.

By the way, in the last week, I have had to discredit two reports by home inspectors regarding indoor moulds. In both cases, the result was to discredit the knowledge of the inspectors in general. One of those inspectors also is facing serious potential liability and even criminal proceedings by performing an unauthorized meth-lab assessment.

Neither of the home inspectors appeared to be NACHI members … whew!

I have posted two new discussions that describe Colorado’s new real estate regulations and disclosure Bills regarding meth-labs.

For those of you who perform work in Colorado, you may be interested in reading:

General Regulations

Colorado Methlab Omnibus Bill

Colorado Methlab Real estate disclosure Bill

Finally, some of you had requested on these pages that I touch base with you after I presented my lecture on indoor moulds to the ASTM International Standards Committee at the University of Colorado in Boulder a few weeks ago. The paper was well received, and the findings were not disputed. As such, what I have been saying here regarding the frivolity of sampling for moulds still holds true. Its my understanding that my presentation will be provided to ASTM Members.

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

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Welcome Back Caoimhín sure have missed your many posts.
I feel they are of much use to all of us and just might help to keep me and others out of trouble.
I sure hope that some day I get the chance to meet you in person.
I would be most interested in reading the court cases if they ever becomes available ,or any others if possible.
Roy Cooke .


mold on basement walls is often due to water/moisture entering crack(s) & other direct openings in basement walls or Above bsmt walls.

hollow-block walls often have hairline to 1-2"++ wide crack(s) on the OUTSIDE and have NO visible crack on the Inside of basement. Thats right, you often will Not see cracks when viewing/inspecting the walls in the basement. You need to stop/prevent/eliminate the water-moisture to prevent mold and, Inside drain tile and baseboard systems do NOT stop/prevent/eliminate water-moisture from entering these kinds of cracks `n other direct openings…outside.

…“find the moisture,eliminate the moisture, clean up the mold”

…“locate and fix water leaks immediately”

…“cleaning up the mold is not enough.You must find the water source and eliminate it”

  to those realtors who think that by painting leaky/damp basement walls w/Drylok will solve most/all problems is NONSENSE. i`m tired of this garbage and, since when did some of these people become waterproofing & foundation experts anyways? huh? :mrgreen:  quit with these ridiculous recommendations please or, if your in my dang neighborhood and the buyers of such homes get ahold of my a__ for an HONEST expert estimate, well, i`ll do my best to hold your stinky but accountable/liable ;-)   got milk?

 some will do anything to hurry `n sell a house and get that dang comssion. quit listening to 'handyman' home imp. radio show hosts who`ve never done a waterproofing/foundation job in their life and had to guarantee it over an extended period of......TIME! there`s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky, 
              Shine On You CrAzY Diamond