Marietta Ohio Realtors Education 2006 Pictures

I had the pleasure of getting to take the time to go down to the Marietta Ohio Realtors Continuing Educations class were Nikki, and Mike Bryd had a booth at the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta Ohio today. Mike and Nikki did a great job representing Nachi and the Ohnachi chapter. I was very glad that I was able to attend this event and lend what ever support that I could for Nachi, and the Ohnachi chapter. I was very pleased to see that they did a great job representing Nachi, and the Ohnachi chapter. Welcome Bryd Inspection Company to Nachi, and the Ohnachi. :smiley:

Picture of Mark Roe Ohnachi Membership Coordinator and Nikki, and Mike Bryd

Nachi at its best

Woody, Member of ASHI and NAHI. He helped write the W.V. HI Lic.

Door Prize winner

I would like to thank Mark for his NACHI & Ohnachi support today! The realty education fair was quite a success - we met with several local realtors, lending institutions & even another Home Inspector. Thanks Mark for coming to see us today!! Mark also took photos (as seen above). And Mark mentioned taking the photos to the local newspaper - so, we’ll see if we can get anything in print.
Byrd-House Inspections was proud to represent NACHI & Ohnachi today.