NACHI booth at Fairfield County REALTORs Trade Show on May 17.

NACHI has a booth at the Lancaster Board of REALTOR’s 23rd Annual Fairfield County REALTORs Trade Show in Lancaster, Ohio on May 17, 2006. The NACHI booth will be manned by member Mark Roe.

Thanks Mark!

Post pictures when you’re done Mark. Congrats. This is an opportune time and appearance to sell yourself and your services while at the same time promoting NACHI. …Go Get em…

Will do and thanks for your support. :smiley: :smiley:

Mark, please call me Jeff…

Mark will be getting the full support of Ohio State NACHI and all that we have to offer in support of one of our chapter leaders, go get’m Mark, we are behind you and backing your efforts.

Lisa is working on the graphics for 25 more NACHI booths, hang in there guys, we’ll get them to you all. NACHI is fixin’ to have a booth at every real estate event in N. America.

BTW, today we had another booth delivered. They are doing the carpet backing and graphics for it now. It is extra wide and strong, 10’ in length. This one we special ordered and ordered 5 more like it. The special thing about it is that it is rigged to accommodate 2 big flat screen monitors. We will then be able to hook up a ppt to them. It is an awesome NACHI trade show booth for those who want flat screen displays!

Thanks Nick,John,Jeff,Nachi Staff, and Ohnachi for your support in my up coming event in May. I will also be dropping Robert Bloom a email to see if he can also help me in the coordination aspects. Thanks again all for your support and help. Can I have a Big screen LCD to ? :mrgreen:

Ok folks, here are some pictures from the Fairfield Realtors Trade show. Over 225-250 Realtors,mortgage,and bankers were on hand for this show. Made alot of contacts. The NACHI table skirt diffently made a impression on everyone, including Mr. ASHI. :twisted: The powers to be in Fairfield County, found out that there is a new ORG in town other than the 20 year ASHI and the 10 year NAHI

The 2nd photo is of the NAHI booth which was just 1 booth to my right.
The 3rd photo is of the ASHI booth that was 2 booths straight in front of my booth.









Looks like some great exposure!
Table skirt really dresses up the table. You and the table are looking good!
See you in a couple weeks, Mark.

I see you shot the ASHI guy while his back was turned . . .!