NACHI booth at Marietta, Ohio Board of REALTORs Education Fair on October 24, 2006.

Please visit the NACHI booth at the Marietta Board of REALTORs Education Fair in Marietta, Ohio on October 24, 2006. NACHI is a sponsor of this event where REALTORs will be earning 6 CEUs. NACHI members Robin an Mike Byrd of Byrd-House Inspections will be manning the booth.


Marietta, OH is 12 miles from me. I’ll be there.

This is Great. If all goes well, I will make plans to attend and getting photos to send to Nick. Mike if you will, please post time and location so other NACHI members will know where and when they need to attend to show their support of you, NACHI, and OHNACHI. Keep up your great work Mike, and Robin. =D>

The Marietta Board Of Realtors Education fair is being held at the historic Lafayette hotel, in downtown Marietta. Registration for realtors begins at 7:30am & their class begins at 8:30a. After registration, on lunch break & all breaks they will be going to the vendor booths for information. We are VERY excited to be setting up to show off our new home inspection business & the support we have from NACHI. We’ll be there til 3pm that day, maybe later.
We would love the support of other NACHI members! Thank you!
Robin & Mike Byrd
Byrd-House Inspections