Mark Cohen's Excellent Adventure


I made it to China. I have a one day layover before the next leg of my journey for the meeting to discuss your plans for InterNACHI.

Communications over here are iffy, so I figured I would just use the message board.

I will update you in a day or two.

P.S. It’s difficult to find Diet Coke over here. Most of the Chinese are not worried about gaining weight.

When in China… Don’t drink the water, don’t breath the air. :wink:

And if somebody tries to serve you something that looks like a cooked mouse. It is a mouse.

Doooooooooood; excellent!!!

Just don’t try to use Google. It’s non existent.

Thanks for the update Mark.

Can you bring back some fireworks?

I predict that within 3 years, InterNACHI will have more members in China than we have in all the rest of the world.

Fly Delta Airlines!

Nick, everything went well in China. I hated the food and ended up eating mostly protein bars. A growing middle class and increased reliance on market mechanisms should provide a good environment for InterNACHI to work in.

Anyhow, I made it Seoul, and will update you later.

Love Seoul. Love Korean Food…yummy:D