Market gone quiet

I’m usually quite busy but the last week I’ve dropped off significantly in calls. Is this me or is the real estate market easing off?

School’s about to start Maybe. It always slows down about them.
Also as it gets too close to election time it’ll slow down as well

Booked thru next Tuesday.
Been like this for around 2 months.
I need a break even Sat & Sun.


Bookings are still strong for me, of course I only book 3 days a week. The RE market is strong in NE Ohio.


Calgary market is good for me, 20 to 30 inspections a month and I’m a one man operation.


Busy here too. Had to pass on a 6000 sq ft yesterday. sent them your way Marc, hopefully they will contact you

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The 30 home/9 duplex deal is still being negotiated, may happen for us. :cowboy_hat_face:

Post a blog on Facebook or LinkedIn. It will pickup.