Considering relocating

Funny how life works sometimes…

Although I hadn’t seriously considered relocating I now find myself in a position where that might be an option. I have considerable mixed feelings on the subject but that’s another story.

I’m reaching out to see if anyone in the Sarasota area could give me some info on the market down there. I’ve tried doing research on Google but haven’t found anything conclusive. Trying to determine what the market looks like, how many homes were sold last year, what inspection fee’s look like. Are there any multi inspector companies in the area, might be an option as I won’t be able to sustain very long without steady income.

Thanks for the insight.

Was raised in Albany & left in 1969 vowing to never return, hated it there.
Been in South Florida ever since. :smiley:
Good luck!

Saw a rating that put Sarasota at 3rd hottest real estate market in the nation.

There are more inspectors in Florida than grains of sand on the beach. In south Florida it is about to get Much, Much worse I believe. I assume in Sarasota that there will be a ton of retired guys that you will have to compete against and it sucks to compete against people who are doing it for “fun”, just to have something to do :frowning: The heat is oppressive 95% of the time and the humidity is worse than the heat. Just my opinion as a life long resident.

Don’t hold back, let me know how you really feel…

A flooded market competing against those that don’t “need” income doesn’t sound like a great option. I’m sure being a Northern probably wouldn’t help my cause any either.

Not sure that the trade off of a few month of oppressive heat isn’t a fair trade off to the cold & snow here? As I’m typing this we still have a foot or more of snow on the ground and it was 20 something.

Small world…

Can’t say I hate it here but the option of no snow and freezing temps sure does have my family intrigued? We’ll see how it plays out…

Chip you’ll be fine with a proper website & good marketing.
Don’t let the grumps waste your time & efforts.
It’s not where you are but what you make of it! :wink:

I telling you unless you like desert temps it ain’t all pleasant to go outside. I’m more of the 70-75 degrees with 35% humidity type of guy.

I’ve live hear my whole life but have been to many places in this world where the climate is much more suitable to me. I do not want to die here like many from up in cold areas do. I want to live somewhere out in nature where I can do all sorts of outside activities comfortably. I despise sweating like I am in a sauna and when you walk out your front door and your glasses fog. it just is not nice.

If ever figure out how to make a living remotely I’ll find one heck of a Natural area with plenty of resources to grow, harvest and pursue while I enjoy the rest of my life.

I’ve been told Arizona is the place to be.
No humidity.


I like it cool 60’s to lower 70’s :smiley:

I hate sweating.

We use to have a small place in Lake George that we were at almost every weekend when we lived in NJ. Beautiful area and I miss it a lot. Florida is very interesting to say the least and will be much different than what you are use to. Be prepared. With that being said, you can’t beat the weather, beaches, and boating. It won’t be long until breezy and 70 sitting on the patio makes you put long sleeves on.

Very true…We came down from western New York years ago and now when it hits 50-60 I have to put on a winter coat and knit hat.

I have lived here my whole life and PRAY for any type of cold weather. I’ll take it at the lowest it has ever been for any given day. I am getting extremely heat intolerant as I age and it really sucks balls to get drenched from your underwear to your outerwear.

It is the humidity that makes it really bad, you walk outside and your sunglasses fog up.

One thing for sure you will get offered a lot of drinks when people se you emerging from an attic.

The further South you go the more pricks there are except for the keys.


The snow birds are going home many empty places .
Why not rent for a summer month or two and see how you like the climate