Market Hardware offers NACHI member discount.

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Their webhostng package is too expensive, IMO. They need to lower their prices to around $110 per year, including 10 e-mail addresses, and include domain registration (not owned by them, but fees as part of the package. Domain owned by the Client). They should also offer site building tools for those wanting to develop their own sites, with I-oriented templates to use. They should also probably allow already developed websites to be published, so long as they were developed using standard tools, or widely accepted products.

What I've layed out here would be considered a discount, IMO. I can get the same services as described, with NO NACHI discount, from several different vendors already.

Joe Farsetta

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Hi, Joe,

I?m posting a quick note to clarify the details of the Market Hardware web site discount.

Our websites come with a full range of features, including up to 75 e-mail addresses; website content that?s tailored to home inspectors and also customizable for each inspector?s business; registration with all the major search engines; and an easy-to-use editor so the site can be updated even by folks who?ve never worked with a website before.

Most of all, we pride ourselves on our personal service, and in helping even non-technical folks get a professional website that helps them market their business online.

Of course, domain names are always owned by the customer, not by Market Hardware, and we?re happy to migrate any existing sites to a new Market Hardware site.

I hope any and all NACHI members will feel free to get in touch if they need any more information. You can call me personally at 888-381-6925 and I?ll be happy to help.

Brian Kraff, CEO
Market Hardware, Inc.

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Kraff and Jimmy Short at Market Hardware. This company has educated itself as to how the home inspection profession and how inspection companies operate. In my opinion they will be able to offer exceptional customer service and direction.

Joe F. commented that the annual fee was excessive. We have all heard that said about what we charge to conduct a quality home inspection. As a friend of mine says "Don't muzzle your hunting dog. Let him hunt".

Anyone exploring professional website services for their company should take the time to see what Market Hardware has to offer.

Best regards,

Mike Rose
Cornerstone Home Inspection Co. LLC
Lawrenceville, GA

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I just got the website from market hardware and its my very first one. Patrick has been so helpfull and my site looks great!!! If i need anything from them they will do it for me since im not a computer programer for free, and thats great. Thank you market hardware for all your help and getting me started on the web for my company, Will

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I must agree! My website is great and has already brought me compliments. Working with Patrick and Jim was a real pleasure. Both were professional and helpful. Patrick was even answering my emails on the weekend. You can find cheaper prices for the monthly server, but the service I get is worth the extra money.

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My website was finished this week and I am very pleased with Market Hardware. It was easier to do than I expected. Because it is new I can’t vouch for its effectiveness and I’m sure that I’ll make changes, but I expect excellent results.