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Date: November 9, 2005

RE: ?ASK THE WEBSITE EXPERT? - and - Fixed price website hosting for life!

Dear NACHI Members,

I?ve heard that some website providers are actually INCREASING their annual hosting charges. It is true that not all hosting is created equal, and cheaper is not always better. We all know that NACHI inspectors need to be educated consumers.

So I have negotiated a deal for NACHI members only. I have asked one of our frequent vendors to do 2 things for NACHI members:

1) Provide a ?safe haven? to host their sites so that NACHI members have a guarantee that their hosting prices won?t go up.
2) Be NACHI?s ?ASK THE WEBSITE EXPERT? resource at 888-381-6925 so that NACHI members can find out if they indeed own their own domain names.

Here are some quick tips that all NACHI inspectors should practice:

1) Make sure your site are backed up and have 99.9% uptime,
2) Know that there is a REAL company behind the provider, and
3) Make sure that you actually ?own? your URL/domain name

Market Hardware has built 100+ websites for NACHI members and from what I've heard, they continue to serve our members at the highest level. They are doing a session on ?Website Marketing using the Internet Yellow Pages? at the NACHI 2006 Convention.

NACHI continues to support Market Hardware and is happy to be able to offer our members this great offer. So, if any NACHI member has a question about how hosting, URLs, or switching works, then call 888-381-6925. Ask for James, Brian or Patrick. They'll give you a straight answer. You?ve got my word on it.

Or visit for more details.

Brian Kraff
Market Hardware, Inc.

Nick Gromicko

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