Marketing question

Has anyone tried marketing mold testing and other indoor air quality inspections to daycare facilities and schools? If yes, were you successful? I’m trying to come up with a good marketing strategy so I don’t waste time. Thanks!

If this works for you…great.

I wouldn’t waste my time.

The reason why David says this is because most of these businesses do not want to hear bad news because most do not have the money to fix the problem. See no evil, hear no evil.
FYI: You need to follow a different tougher testing standard than normal when it comes to schools and I think even daycare centers. I having a brain fart but if you want I can look it up for you. It has been a couple years until I have tested a school. Accurate testing around little children with a possible few rich parents, ain’t no liability there.:wink:

I do personally believe that daycares in basements are effecting the immune system of most children. Resulting in sickly kids that grow into sickly or allergenic adults. When mold or bacteria attacks a developing immune system it will permanently weaken the immune system, in some degree, of that person for the rest of their lives.

I don’t know about all states, but I know an inspector who recently bid on a contract to do 1000 or 2000 (can’t remember which) radon inspections for an entire school district in Virginia. Seems the school district is required to do them yearly on every classroom. I’m sure some other states will have the same requirement.

Thanks for the info. I can see that some daycare owners wouldn’t want to know the true condition of the indoor air.

…and most homeowners don’t even want to pay to find out as well…unless they are sick all the time and have no answer from the Doctor.