Marketing Sketch-Videos

From now until March 23rd, 2016 these are discounted just for NACHI Members. $20.00 each. Normally $29.99.

Help an ole retired guy out in making ends meet. :wink:

Your sketch-video will appear on you-tube and you can embed them on your websites, certain forums (not this one for some reason), blogs, etc. Give your business a boost and gain a foot up on the competition.

Business Card Video/Sketch
Veteran Owned Business Video/Sketch

I can also do these for iNACHI members for the unbelievable cost of $199.99 for over 3 but less than 6 minutes.
$99.99 for anything less than 3 minutes.

Business sketch/video


I may give it a try!!


Thanks for the compliment.

Contact me at if you decide to go forward and let me know which one you decided on. I looked over your website. I liked your news video. I can incorporate that news video into your business card. It may costs a bit more (29.99), but what an eye catcher it would be. You could replace the news video with the business card and kill two birds with one shot, without rebuilding or finding space for both on your site.

John, check out YouTube free audio libraries for newer and diverse music too.

Thanks Jeff,

If you have a specific cost-free sound you like and it’s free of any commercial use restrictions etc., I’ll be happy to download it and add to individual projects.

Here’s another one for your consideration. I’ve got to at least get $10.00 each for production fees.

If interested in this I’ll need a png. image of your signature (if you want to use a real one), a png. image of yourself with no background (jpeg’s are fine, but they will show a background).

Additional Note: The background color can be changed. We can discuss when ordered.

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