Maryland Accepts InterNACHI's Radon Course for Radon Tester Certification

State of Maryland law requires NRPP certification of a person who engages in the business of testing for radon (as of 2013). Visit the Maryland website for details.
InterNACHI’s free, online “Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provide Course” is NRPP/AARST-approved for both initial certification and Continuing Education.

The course details are located at

Thanks Ben!!

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Nick, the link to the Maryland web page above no longer works.

I am trying to wade through the Maryland requirements and can not find the associated information.

If you have or can post an updated link that would be appreciated.


Hi, Robert. State of Maryland does not have a radon program. Maryland Department of the Environment used to provide a list of professionals who provide indoor air quality services, including radon testing, but no longer. Visit the Maryland website for details.

To become an InterNACHI Certified Radon Tester, visit

Thanks for your quick reply.

Your original post indicated that Maryland law required NRPP Certification (course - yours -National test - Theirs) since 2013. I cannot find a single reference to this.

Is this an error and MD has no requirements for testing, or is this something new?


MD used to post a list of NRPP certified radon testers and recommended contacting them. They referred to them as Radon Consultants. MD has dropped all references and recommendations. I can no longer find the regulation or recommendations.

Ah. Found it. They moved it to

Scroll all the way down the page to Certified Radon Contractors. "If you would like to hire a contractor to perform the testing…

Yes, as far as I know only Montgomery County has any sort of radon program at all. State of Maryland has no such program.

Maryland used to list those who passed an NRPP-approved course on the Maryland website. It appears they don’t any longer.

I wouldn’t risk it though. I’d take an NRPP-approved course. InterNACHI’s radon course is NRPP approved.

Thanks, I was just trying to figure a reasonable level of compliance for standards that don’t exist.

NRPP has their national test after your course, but from what I’ve seen the certificate they issue expires.

I did Radon testing for a while. The lab I took them to stopped doing them for ‘the public.’ With not a whole lot of demand it didn’t affect me that much, but now I might start again with an E-Perm system.

I’ll just take your course.


InterNACHI’s radon course is the most approved. Many states specifically approve it. IAC2 approved it. AARST approved it. NRPP approved it. Even ICC approved it. It’s been approved by everyone and anyone who approves radon courses.