Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Recommends Hiring Certified Radon Tester

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality recommends hiring Certified Radon Testers.

Radon testers are not licensed or regulated in Michigan. However, Michigan recommends becoming certified by taking certification courses approved by NRPP and AARST.

InterNACHI’s free, online radon course is approved by NRPP and AARST for both Entry Level (INACH-1) and Continuing Education (INACH-401). View approvals on NRPP’s website for Entry Level and NRPP’s website for CE.

Take the InterNACHI certification course and NRPP exam to become a Certified Radon Tester in Michigan by visiting http://www.nachi.org/michigan-certified-licensed-home-inspector.htm

… and best of all, the InterNACHI radon course is free.