Maryland Cont. Ed. Requirements

Hi all,

Just got a letter from our licensing commission in Md. that continuing education for HIs just became mandatory. However they only mentioned ASHI and NAHI as sanctioned providers!

I fired off a letter to see if NACHI credits would qualify.

Will let you know…


keep us posted, Tom.

Thanks Tom, I haven’t gotten today’s mail, but I am sure I will get the same. I have a buddy that is one of the commissioners and also a fricken ASHI member. I will have to give him a call. Man you and I should try to get on as a commissioner?

We need some assistance here from Nick and or Ben with this…


NICKKKKKKKKKK Can you guys look into this for us Marylanders ??


Well, lets see what the response is first and then we’ll take action!
If you call your buddy on the commission I’d like to hear about that…


You will be the 1st I tell. But as you say let’s see what they say in response to you, I still haven’t gotton the letter, maybe today.


Got a response that as of now they haven’t made a decision on which providers courses they will approve. So I asked them to keep NACHI on the list and to let me know…


Thanks Tom, you know I still never recieved of found on their site anything about this.


Give your buddy on the commission a call when you get the chance.
If they are going to overlook Nachi we’ll need to get Nick involved…


Has anybody gotten a clarification? What is approved, who is approved. Clear as mud! an inspector friend called the Commission and they said it was “all in the letter”? HUH? Appreciate the help!


Philip, I haven’t heard a peep about this since I got the letter.