Maryland Reciprocal Licensing


I am a PA home inspector who lives literally 15 minutes from the MD line. I for a while have wanted to become licensed in MD to grow my business even more, as I have PA realtors who use my services and have asked if I can inspect in Maryland. I was looking at the MD requirements yet again to find a possible school to their required 72 hour class. While looking at the home page for licensing requirements I noticed they now have a reciprocal licensing application. PA is listed as one of those states. However PA does not technically require a license but does have a set of guidelines for Home Inspectors. They are asking for a certificate or a license. PA does not issue any certificate that I am aware of. My question would be to any other PA Inspectors, has anyone applied for the reciprocal license in MD yet. There is a $50 fee. I would hate to waste a $50 bill to not apply the right way the first time. Any help would be appreciated

The guys over at Maryland DLLR are pretty good with answering questions, I would reach out to them to ask. This is a newer program so probably not a lot of people experienced with it.

Thanks Daniel. I was going to reach out to them as well. I was hoping someone had already tried and could give some insight.