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I am a PA home inspector who lives literally 15 minutes from the MD line. I for a while have wanted to become licensed in MD to grow my business even more, as I have PA realtors who use my services and have asked if I can inspect in Maryland. I was looking at the MD requirements yet again to find a possible school to their required 72 hour class. While looking at the home page for licensing requirements I noticed they now have a reciprocal licensing application. PA is listed as one of those states. However PA does not technically require a license but does have a set of guidelines for Home Inspectors. They are asking for a certificate or a license. PA does not issue any certificate that I am aware of. My question would be to any other PA Inspectors, has anyone applied for the reciprocal license in MD yet. There is a $50 fee. I would hate to waste a $50 bill to not apply the right way the first time. Any help would be appreciated

The guys over at Maryland DLLR are pretty good with answering questions, I would reach out to them to ask. This is a newer program so probably not a lot of people experienced with it.

Thanks Daniel. I was going to reach out to them as well. I was hoping someone had already tried and could give some insight.

I’m a little late to the game… I’m in Virginia, less than 1 mile from MD, and have also looked in the past and decided it was too time consuming and expensive for me to attain and maintain licensure in both states. I recently looked and also noticed the reciprocal license provision. VA has required a license issued by the department of professional occupation regulation since July 1, 2017. VA is listed as one of the states that MD would accept a license from. I applied just this past week and the $50 check I sent was deposited 2 days later. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’ll post again once I hear something.

Hello Nick,

I have since sent in my $50 and application. PA is not a licensed state, however there are other laws in place for PA. So, I sent in with my application all my other licenses I hold( Radon and Pest applicator). I also sent my education transcript as well as my certificate from InterNACHI. I have since received the approval from MD that my application was approved. I have sent in my license fee and hope to have everything from them with in the next week. I hope you hear back from them soon. They have been very quick in moving this process along. I wish you the best of luck.

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I hope you keep us posted as to how this all shakes out. You’ll still need to pass the national home inspector examination to be licensed in MD. The 72 hour course was easy, the national exam wasn’t a cake walk. You’ll then be required to do 30 credit hours every 2 years to renew your license. 70% of that needs to be in a classroom, 30% can be online.

Hello Neil,

Thank you for the information. As I stated before I did receive an approval from the MD Dept of Labor for my Reciprocal license. I was sent an invoice and have since sent it back with the required fee. Out of curiosity I went to the MD dept of Labor page and did a search on myself. It shows that I am an active Home Inspector in the State of MD. Yet, I have not received anything in the mail besides that invoice. Does the State of MD send out any type of document or license card showing that you are indeed licensed in the State of MD to perform home inspections? I don’t want to start marketing my services if I must wait on documentation. Thanks in advance.


Maryland sends out a small license, it stays behind a magnet on the fridge for me. If the website is showing you’re active you should be good to go.

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The state of Maryland can be a little slow when all is normal. Even slower now. But you will get something in the mail.

Thanks guys. I do understand the fact they be a little slow. However they were not slow in cashing my checks. Lol.

Update: I was approved for my MD Reciprocal License, and received the invoice for the license fee. I sent it back, my check was deposited right away, but I still haven’t seen anything in the mail after more than 2 weeks. I did an online search and found my license number and expiration date. So, long story short: It worked out, wasn’t difficult, but isn’t very fast right now. Glad to be able to start marketing myself in MD and hopefully growing the business!

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Glad it worked out for you Martin! Good luck!

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Hey Nick,

I believe it took at least 3 weeks to receive my actual license in the mail. It was very slow, but understandable given the fact of COVID-19. I already lined up my first inspection in Maryland. Also, as I am sure you are aware MD has their own set of SOP. They vary slightly from the Nachi SOP I have been using in PA as PA has no adopted SOP. Happy Inspecting!!


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Hi Mike and everyone, just noticed this threads and thank you for this information. Im not super close to Maryland but still would like to be licensed there as well.

Thanks again,

Victor, be aware that Md. no longer sends you a paper license. When accepted you will simply get a pdf license emailed to you. That is all.